Thursday, 6 March 2008

Will I be back?

I guess one of the greatest fears/doubts any new blogger must face is the question of whether they will be back to post again or will this simply be a slight flight of fancy and the blogger in them will die a quick and meaningless death.

Will this prove rewording enough to promote a return or will it simply vanish down the stream of one's life as just another passing fancy?

Are we blogging as an inward look at ones life, to share ideas, to raise awareness or as a way of venting of personal rants? Could this prove a destructive pursuit? Will the time spend prove a worthy use of "precious" (lol) time.

Sharing ideas and finding their strengths, merits and weaknesses is perhaps the best way of developing any thought. But if it's only an introspective look then what benefit can arise from that? Do you not risk falling into a trap of self justification and self illusion?

A huge factor will depend on my personal capacity to produce unrelinting ranting. Initially the scope seems limitless - a persuit many have spend the best parts of their lives persuing - but putting that raninting in a written form that can be examined and which discourages repetition may prove a tricky persuit.

We will have to see.

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