Thursday, 6 March 2008


Finally a chance to rant uninhibited by context. I might have a false impression but ranting seems to primarily be a male obsession. For thousands of years men have been collecting in smalls groups and exchange their personal rants about such and such. In an ideal situation a good rant is a shared rant that flows, develops and grows in a communal exchange and contribution of ideas - all while generating a grater rant. Unfortunately here I only get to rant with my self. But hey at least I can rant about anything without worrying if it will interesting enough to generate a conversation or whether it will pitter (sp?) away like a genetically faulty and malnourished growth. I also get to share my rant with a potentially limitless populace down the stream of time (i.e. 0).

Now I just have to worry whether this counts as rant. As long as I've meandered and spluttered some english with some false allusion to a greater purpose I think I might have just made it.


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